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What’s that Rusty?! You want a bigger yard ?

Ok, 👍 anything for my Rusty 💜

Debora Paxton

Let’s just say I had a really mean boss before now and yes I won’t forget this day ever ;(

One of my first dogs I ever groomed 😳


Long story short I once was in the mental health field & was apart of opening the first Women’s homeless shelter but that day I picked up Rusty from the grooming spa he looked like this … below… and from that day on I got the run around they began saying he needs meds he is aggressive but still cut only half his body so I couldn’t find a groomer and there we were…I finally found a job in ft Walton that I could bring my dog 🐩 to ?SAYWHAT!!? So I started and so you have a “now” & “then” 😊🙏🐩

Btw he’s loves being groomed;) time n patience

Debora Paxton



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